Good Karma: After Winning £115M, She Saved Her Sister

What do you do when you win big? That’s right, you spread the love to your dearest family and friends. This is exactly what one lucky EuroMillions winner has done, helping her family overcome tragic life events with one simple sentence.

It All Started with…

Patrick and Frances Connolly must have been thrilled when they found out they’ve won the fourth-biggest lottery jackpot in UK history, settling at an awe-inspiring £115 million, or just over $150 million in U.S. dollars. But what the Patrick and Frances did with their prize money is the real surprise. Instead of spending it all on luxuries, they went ahead and started with something far-more important: family.

Lucky Enough to Hold a Winning Lottery Ticket? Spread the Love!

Shannon, Mrs. Connolly’s sister, was recently forced to put her home for sale and moving back-in with her Mother, who wasn’t well and required someone to care for her. Luckily for Shannon, her sister and brother-in-law were able to step-in the right moment and save her home thanks to their amazing luck which has placed over £115 million in their possession. According to Shannon, she was absolutely flabbergasted when her sister called up to say: ’We won the Euromillions and you don’t have to sell your house’.

Family First!

According to Shannon, her mother had fallen ill in recent years, and as a result, had been led to a financially-sensitive time in her life. Shannon’s misfortunes meant that she had to move back into her mother’s home together with her Children – hardly ideal when you consider the circumstances. However, Patrick and Frances didn’t let their amazing good fortune go up to their head, and immediately called Shannon to let her know that not only does she not have to sell her house, she won’t have to worry about money anymore, ever.

What’s behind this amazing act of kindness, you ask? Well, it turns out that the Connolly family has their priorities properly sorted, going with a ‘Family First’ attitude, all the way. The winning couple went on to list 50 close relatives and friends with whom they’d like to share their good fortune, including the Hartlepool St Francis club in Co Durham, where number of both boy and girl teams will get the financial backing of a mega-millionaire couple.

Before we finish-up and leave with a rare good story from the news, we’d like to add that it’s stories like this that really warm our hearts, especially when many lottery winners are concerned that if they reveal their good fortune to others, they may get hurt, like this unlucky $10 million winner from California. After reading about countless lottery winners and their amazing stories of riches and pleasure, it’s very refreshing to know that some winners will never leave their friends and family behind and will instead use their good fortune to help those who have reached a low point.

Remember, when you win, this should be your number 1 priority!

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