How to play Euromillions Online

How to Play Euromillions Online​

There are quite literally millions upon millions of reasons to play this lottery, twice a week.

Can I play Euromillions in Spain

Did you know that Spain’s EuroMillions is the Europe’s leading lottery? It’s little surprise, considering how many awe-inspiring jackpots were awarded to excited new millionaires. How big are the jackpots, you ask? Monstrous, some would say. Just consider the EuroMillions €190 million jackpot won in 2012, 2014 and 2017. It’s no wonder so many winners have come out of the EuroMillions draw, as it you only need to choose 5 main number and 2 more lucky stars to be well on your way to becoming a EuroMillions millionaire.

Europe’s Most Popular Lottery isn’t Done Breaking Records!

play euromillions online

There’s a reason EuroMillions jackpots are talked about in all corners of the globe. Just consider EuroMillions’ top prize of €190 million – it is far greater than most jackpots offered anywhere else in the world, and more and more people are taking notice. The first €190 million top prize was awarded as early as 2011 and 2012 by winning tickets from Scotland and the UK, respectively. It took two more years until a player from Portugal took-in the maximum prize in 2014, and then again in 2017. This winning trend hasn’t been overlooked by lottery players, and EuroMillions is quickly becoming one of the most popular draws in the entire world

Euromillions Jackpot

euromillions jackpot
EuroMillions immediately turned heads with its hefty maximum jackpot size, attracting a sizable crowd from all over the continent. News of these amazing prizes spread quickly throughout Europe and have made EuroMillions one of the biggest lotteries in the world. Players adore the great odds of winning compared to other lotteries and are especially fond of how relatively simple it is to hit the maximum jackpot. The effect of this significant rise in popularity was immediately evident in the growing jackpot sizes, bringing EuroMillions to the top of every lottery fan’s priority list. However, it was only recently the EuroMillions became available to players around the world thanks to online lottery play. Today, you can play just as easily from anywhere in the world, as long as you an internet connection readily available to you.

Can You Really Play from Anywhere in the World

Yes, that’s exactly what we do here! What we do is fairly simple: we break down geographical barriers and allow any play from any country in the world to take part in his or her favorite lottery draws. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, because you’re free to pursue your dreams of winning the lottery, right here at the Lottery.IO! We even go the extra step to ensure that you’re getting better prices on your lottery tickets and even allow you to automatically join a syndicate (pool of players) to boost your odds and lower your costs. Let the games begin.

How to check Euromillions results

how to check euromillions results

EuroMillions offers 13 special categories for its prizes, each offering greater and more impressive jackpots as you match more numbers. Your goal is to match 5 winning numbers alongside two additional Lucky Stars in order to win the maximum jackpot. It’s important to remember that EuroMillions draws its winning numbers out of a pool of the numbers 1 through 50, giving you better odds of success than many other lotteries from around the world. The Lucky Stars, required for the big jackpot win and other supplementary prizes, are chosen out of the numbers 1 through 12. It’s important to remember that your EuroMillions ticket also includes access to the El Millón raffle held in Spain, providing you with a great opportunity to win an extra €1 million without lifting a finger. If that’s not enough, EuroMillions will offer you the chance to take part in the EuroMillions Superdraw several times throughout each year, giving you a chance to win prizes starting at €100 million and as high as €190 million!

Euromillions prizes division

Prize Division
Required Match
Your Payout
1 5 matches + 2 Lucky Stars N/A
5 matches + 1 Lucky Star
5 matches
4 matches + 2 Lucky Stars
€ 5,368.27
4 matches + 1 Lucky Star
€ 205.88
4 matches
€ 69.21
3 matches + 2 Lucky Stars
€ 151.88

Who Can Play the Euromillions Lottery

euromillions lottery

Did you know that in order to take part in a lottery in the past, you had to physically be there? No internet, no technology, and quite a hassle, especially if you want to play a lottery that’s not taking place in your country. The Lottery.IO fixed this issue entirely by allowing anyone, from any country in the world, an equal opportunity to play the lottery with the ease and convenience of modern technology! And even if you’re local to the Euromillions draw, getting your lottery ticket through the Lottery.IO gets you better value on your ticket, the ability to play alongside others, and the option of having your winnings automatically sent to you without any hassles

Hot & Cold Numbers Euromillions

Some players choose their number according to previous outcomes of the EuroMillions draw, marking some numbers as ‘hot’ and others as ‘cold’. Basically, a ‘hot’ number has been drawn many times, while a ‘cold’ number tends not to be draws as often.

Euromillions hot numbers:

4, 19, 23, 44, and 50

Euromillions cold numbers:

32, 33, 41, 46, and 47

*It’s important to remember that from time to time, as more draws take place, these numbers are subject to change.

What Are the Risks of Playing EuroMillions

EuroMillions is just like any other lottery around the world, so your risk is entirely limited to the cost of your ticket. Playing at theLotter mitigates this issue even further thanks to more affordable ticket prices and ability to automatically pool you with other players, if that’s your fancy.

Euromillions Ticket Costs

Personal Ticket
Syndicated Ticket
Bundle Tickets
A standard personal lottery ticket
Join a group of players to increase your odds
Combining personal and syndicate tickets to increase your odds
Price per line: €5.6
Purchase more shares to increase your take
Deluxe 66 lines + personal ticket: €19.08
Tickets available with 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 or 25 lines.
Price per share: €15.14
Premium 150 lines + personal ticket: €19.68
Save up to 25% with multi-draw tickets
Save up to 25% with multi-draw shares
Extra 256 lines + personal ticket: €32.86
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