Justice: Man Arrested After Stealing Winning Lottery Ticket from Roommate!

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer! Imagine the shock when a new lottery winner happily went to cash-in his winning ticket, only to find out that it has already been cashed. By whom, you may ask? Well, by none other than his roommate!

The Ugly Side of Winning the Lottery!

Stories like this send chills down our collective spines every time we hear about them. Just imagine how shocking it must have been to find out that your winning lottery ticket has already used to claim your $10 million jackpot. Imagine how all your dreams and plans were immediately shattered at the very same place that’s supposed to make you a millionaire. If there’s one lesson to be learned here, is that the man who dressed up in a “scream” mask to collect his winnings just to avoid alerting his friends and family, might have known what he was doing, perhaps more-so than we’d ever like to admit.

Who’s Got the Real Winning Lottery Ticket?

Our devastated non-winner immediately suspected one of roommates, who must have raised a few red flags before, and alerted the authorities to the possible crime that has been committed. After reporting this to the police, a quick investigation involving multiple investigators and surveillance footage had revealed that his 35-year old roommate had not only stolen his winning lottery ticket while he was asleep, but also made sure to collect the prize as quickly as possible, only to leave our winner with nothing more than a few shattered dreams.

Lottery Winners Know All About This!

Unfortunately, the very same drive that gives us all motivation to take part in all of these amazing lottery draws can bring out the very worst in some people. Imagine having one of your closest friends betray your trust in such a way – hardly an experience anyone would like to endure.

Have a Winning Ticket? Here Are a Couple of Tips!

  • Be Discrete – We’re not saying “don’t tell ANYONE”, but we can easily recommend you hold off with letting your high-school buddies know about your amazing luck before collecting your multi-million-dollar jackpot.
  • Keep it Safe – While we don’t how much trouble our thief went through in order to get the ticket from our winner, all I can say is that if I was going to sleep and had a winning lottery ticket in my possession, it’d be hidden and well-guarded. Who can fall asleep after winning $10 million anyway? The excitement alone should be enough to keep you up for days.
  • Don’t Be Naïve – If you have friends that you suspect are capable of doing such a dishonest act like stealing $10 million from you, perhaps it’s time to find better flatmates.

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