What Are the Best EuroMillions Winning Stories?

Winning the lottery is, without a doubt, a dream-come-true for nearly anyone you’d ask – and that’s exactly what makes winning lottery so popular these days. For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on one of the most generous lotteries in the world: the EuroMillions, offering prizes as high as €190,000,000. Today, we’ll find out what some of the most interesting winners have done after guessing just 7 numbers and walking away with massive life-changing jackpots. Will you do the same as these lottery winners?

Did A Millionaire’s Love for Cornish Pasties Ruin His Marriage?

Adrian Bayford holds the title of the UK’s winner of the second-greatest jackpot ever, netting a staggering £148 million back in 2012. And what has he done with his huge winnings? First, let’s start with his massive £8-million mansion – It’s truly a sight to be seen. But Adrian’s mansion hardly matters as much as this peculiar habit seen by curious onlookers. According to reports, Bayford and his wife have had upwards of 50 Cornish Pasties delivered each week to their home, prompting some worried friends to raise concerns over their health. Unfortunately, the couple split a mere 15 months after the grand-win, but 48-year old Bayford quickly recovered and proceeded to get engaged with his new 27-year old fiancé.

A Winning Lottery Story About 6 Supercars!

At first, many were curious how this amazing £76.3 million was left unclaimed for weeks, but Andrew Clark, a self-employed builder, finally found the time to claim the 12th-largest lottery prize ever after buying a single ticket in November. So, what is Andrew up to with his newfound fortune? Cars, apparently. You see, Andrew purchased six supercars with his winnings, including a £184,000 Ferrari, a £128,055 McLaren 540C, a £121,000 Porsche 911 Turbo and a more “frugal” £70,000 Mercedes-AMG C63S. In the meantime, it seems Andrew’s wife Trish doesn’t share her husband’s passion for supercars, settling for a great-mileage Nissan Qashqai.

Winning the Lottery with a Scream!

This isn’t a story about huge prizes. Instead, this is the story of what A. Campbell, a humble and very discrete lottery winner has done with his £1 million win. In fact, these stories are far more interesting because winning amounts in this range is far more common than huge, dozens-of-millions jackpots. So how did Campbell go about his great fortune? It turns out he was so concerned over his identity being revealed, that he arrived in a mask to collect his prize. Which mask, you ask? The very same one from the movie “Scream”, perhaps offering us a chance to understand what it must feel like to have £1 million fall into your lap! When asked, Campbell simply said that all he wants is to buy a nice house, without his loved ones hounding him for cash!


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