Play Powerball Online

Play Powerball Online

When you’re passing billions around, a decent crowd can be expected

The original U.S. Powerball, lauded for its huge prizes and great odds of winning, is probably one of the most popular lottery game in the entire world, ever. And why wouldn’t it? It has awarded billions of U.S. dollars to many happy winners that have a new lavish lifestyle to get used to, and it has happened time and time again.

The U.S. Powerball Is Setting Records

The U.S. Powerball’s prizes are the envy of every other lottery in the world, setting records again and again for biggest jackpot ever won. For example, 2016’s $1.59 billion prize set the media ablaze with wonder over how such a large prize could every handed out for a simple lottery ticket. This amazing streak of huge jackpots continued as a single winner took in $760 million in 2017 and as two more lucky players claimed $690 billion in 2018. Could you be next?

U.S Powerball Prizes

This is similar to the case of the egg and the chicken. On one hand, large prizes are attracting excited new players from all over the world, and on the other, all of the purchased tickets feed the growing jackpot as it balloons into the billions. Now is the best time to play the Powerball as it has become increasingly simple to purchase a ticket, even if you aren’t located in the United States. For example, today you can buy a U.S. Powerball ticket from anywhere in the world, including Britain, Scotland Germany and Ireland, all with a few simple clicks.

Playing Powerball from anywhere in the world

Yes, you can. Our lottery community center specializes in making sure that no one’s left out of the game! How so? First and foremost, we’re always monitoring and watching the world’s biggest lotteries and immediately notify you know about every draw. If that’s not enough, we’re always on the watch for good international ticket rates that give you great odds at a reduced cost!

How to Check Powerball Results

First, you should remember that in each draw, the U.S. Powerball offers 9 different prize divisions. Your goal is to hit 5 winning numbers out of a basket consisting of the number 1 through 69 and of course one additional ball – the Powerball, out of a basket consisting of the number 1 through 26. If you were lucky enough to hit the Powerball, you’ll now have an opportunity to win prize divisions 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9. However, our favourite aspect about the Powerball is that it isn’t a requirement for winning. In fact, guessing just 5 numbers is enough to get you over $1 million. Opting for the Power Play option raises ticket price slightly but gives crazy-good prizes because it multiplies the 7 lower prize divisions by a factor of 2 to 10.

Powerball Prizes Division

Prize DivisionRequired MatchYour Payout with Standard TicketYour Payout with Power Play ticket
15 matches + Powerball matchN/AN/A
25 matches$1 million$2 million
34 matches + Powerball match$50,000$100,000
44 matches$100$200
53 matches + Powerball match$100$200
63 matches$7$14
72 matches + Powerball match$7$14
81 match + Powerball match$4$8
9Powerball match only$4$8

Buy Powerball Tickets Online

It used to be the case that if you wanted to participate in a lottery draw, you had to physically be located the country, purchase a ticket, and stay for the entire duration. Today, in our increasingly connected world, this inconvenience has turned into something far-more attractive, allowing you to play any lottery from anywhere in the world. We’ll connect you with the best services to purchase your tickets, giving you a modern experience, fully automatic features and a lot of fun and excitement. Hurry, the next draw is coming up!

What Are the ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ Powerball Numbers

Many lottery players around the world use historical Powerball outcomes from previous draws in order to determine the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. The term ‘Hot’ numbers refers to specific numbers that are drawn frequently, leading some players to choose them will under the assumption that it will increase their odds of winning, while ‘cold’ numbers are those that are a drawn infrequently.

Here at the ‘Hot’ Powerball numbers: 16, 26, 28, 32 and 41

Here at the ‘Cold’ Powerball numbers: 60, 65, 66, 67 and 68

Keep in mind that these numbers will be updated from time to time as more draws take place and more numbers are picked in each draw.

What Are the Risks of Playing the Powerball

Aside from the cost of your ticket, absolutely none. In fact, by getting your ticket here at the lottery.IO, you’ll also reduce the risk of missing a win – yes, it actually happened before, just ask the UK’s £9 million in unclaimed prize money!

If that’s not enough, we’re keeping a watchful eye on today’s leading lottery ticket sellers and leveraging our presence in the gaming world to make sure that your paying less for your winning tickets.

Powerball Ticket Costs

Ticket pricing depends on whether you’d like to participate with a personal ticket, a syndicate, or a bundle.

Personal TicketSyndicated TicketBundle Tickets
A standart personal lottery ticketJoin a group of players to increase your odds!Combining personal and syndicate tickets to increase your odds!
Price per line ~ €4.4Purchase more shares to increase your take. Deluxe 200 lines + personal ticket: €15.79
Tickets available with 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 or 25 lines.Price per share: €14.54Premium 265 lines + personal ticket: €25.06
Power Play (up to 10X multiplier) €2.2 per line Save up to 25% with multi-draw shares Extra 1265 lines + personal ticket: €37.45

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